If you are serious about protecting you or your loved ones as they age, make sure you read this section. An analysis revealed that women sustaining a hip fracture had a 5-fold increase and men almost an 8-fold increase in relative likelihood of death within the first 3 months (Effects of a hospitalist model on elderly patients with hip fracture. Phy MP JM Arch Intern Med. 2005 Apr 11; 165(7):796-801.).

First of all, the best hip protector depends on the person using it.  Some hip protectors offer more protection, but are uncomfortable and clearly visible under a person’s clothes.  Other products offer less protection but are comfortable and inconspicuous.  Due to this, you will want to think about you or your loved one’s specific needs when deciding which one to buy.

  • Soft Hip Protectors: These types of pads are flexible and soft, and because of this will contour to the body’s natural shape.
  • Hard Hip Protectors: These type of pads are hard and stiff.  They provide more protection, but are usually uncomfortable and can be very noticeable.
  • Removable or Sewn-In Pads: Some companies offer hip protectors with removable pads when laundering.  Other companies sew the pads into the garments.  These pads are safe to use in a washer and dryer.
  • Fabric Material: Most companies use cotton-synthetic blend fabrics. The gold standard used to be cotton, however technology advances have made cotton-synthetic blended fabrics more affordable, durable and comfortable.
  • Cut and Sew vs. Seamless: Seamless undergarments are more comfortable, however they are often more expense because of the cost of production.
  • Budget:  Hip Protectors can range from about $30 all the way to $175 per garment!


 7 Best Hip Protector Reviews


Posey Hipsters with High Durablity Pads
  • High impact-absorbing viscoelastic pads help protect hip bones against injury from falls.

GeriHip® with PPI-RAP™


  • Thin foam pads that harden on impact
  • Seamless garment design


Tytrex Safehip Hip with Air X Protection
  • Protects hips from sideways fall
  • Horseshoe shaped shield disperses force of fall away from hip
  • AirX spacer fabric reduces heat build-up for added comfort
Secure Soft Hip Protector
  • Waterproof high impact memory foam pads contour to body
  • Breathable 94% Cotton / 6% Spandex – Machine Washable
  • Removable tailbone pad – Sewn-in hip pads – Latex free – 6 Month Warranty
   Fall-Safe Hip Protector Set
  • Engineered to produce minimal pressure contact over the hips
  • Contoured to be almost unnoticeable under clothing
  • Comfortable enough to wear at night
   ComfiHips® Hip Protection Underwear
  • High Quality Tested Hip Protection Pads Disperse the Impact of the Fall.
  • Pads fit easily into concealed interior pockets of Ultra-Soft Undergarments
   Hip Shield Hip Protector
  • Helps guard against injuries related to lateral falls
  • Ideal for patients at risk for hip fracture
  • Closed-cell foam protection pads are sewn into the garment


Top 3 Hip Protector Reviews


Posey has done an outstanding job with these High impact-absorbing viscoelastic pads.  Their High Durability Poron® Foam Pads are designed to withstand higher laundering temperatures. In addition, they are removable.  So this is the best of both worlds.

At around $63, these hip protectors offer great protection at a good value.  Posey offers a variety of hip protectors in many different styles, so as a result we rank the Hipsters® with High Durability Pads our number one product!


This hip protector excels in several categories.  The company developed PPI-RAP™ foam technology.  Their soft thin foam pads harden on impact and then will return to a soft malleable state.  Hence, these pads are form fitting and provide superior protection.   Additionally, their seamless garments are more comfortable than comparable hip protectors with seams.

The drawback for this hip protector is the lack of stylistic options.  They currently only offer one style of brief, while their competitors offer a variety of styles.

In conclusion, these garments are the best choice for active aging adults that want impact protection, comfort, and discretion.  Furthermore, the price performance is outstanding at $59 per set!


Tytex, which is based in Denmark, has made a great seamless garment while offering great protection.  Additionally, they have a patented horse-shoe shaped pad with clinically proven protection.  Another feature is their AirX™ technology.  This is especially relevant because it is a breathable, skin friendly and soft textile material.

Finally, at $66, these hip protectors are right in the middle of the pack offering great protection at a good value.  Similarly to Posey, Tytex offers a variety of styles which makes it possible for you to find the perfect fit.