Over time our bodies will struggle getting in and out of vehicles. We are at risk of falling every time we get in and out of your vehicles. A life changing fall can easily happen when we go to the grocery store, go to church, or visit our grandchildren.

As we get older, the simple act of getting into and out of our cars can be both painful and time consuming without the use of some form of aid or assistance. With the amount of driving required of nearly everyone, avoiding the pain, strain on ligaments, muscles, and joints, using simple yet effective devices and tools is now possible.

  • Category: Simple Seat Lift

1.  Carex Upeasy Seat Assist

The Carex Upeasy Seat Assist Plus provides portable lifting assistance without any electricity. Like the UpEasy Seat Lift UPE3 discussed below, this product utilizes a combination of water and air (hydro-pneumatic) gaseous technology to self-power the springing mechanism [2]. It is light-weight, safe, and effective and works with both hard surfaces as well as on armchairs or sofas.

Summary Pros and Cons for Carex Upeasy Seat Assist Plus [2]
Pros Cons
No batteries or electricity required Spring has been known to be too powerful for some senior citizens
Lightweight (9 lbs.) and easy to transport Some users reported it was not very comfortable
Works on soft surfaces such as armchairs and sofas


2. UpEasy Seat Lift UPE3

UpEasy Seat Lift – UPE3 uses a patented “LevelLift” technology with gas springs assisting in the standing and sitting motions [1]. The UpEasy Seat Lift requires no batteries or electricity and is extremely light-weight and easy to transport. Conversely, the company does not recommend staying seated for more than a couple of hours with this device. Use is also limited to harder surfaces while soft surfaces such as a couch are not recommended.

Summary Pros and Cons for UpEasy Seat Lift UPE3 [1]
Pros Cons
No batteries or electricity required Limited use to a couple of hours at a time
Lightweight and easy to transport Does not work well on soft surfaces such as a couch


  • Category: Hanging Handle with Grip

3.  Stander CarCaddie

The CarCaddie tool manufactured by Stander is designed to make getting in-and-out of vehicles easier.  The CarCaddies does this through the implementation of extra support handles.  It can be installed quickly and it is adjustable/adaptable to suit any type of car or person [5]. There is however a weight capacity limit of only 250 lbs.  Some users report that it gets in the way of driving.  They recommended it be removed while driving.

Summary Pros and Cons for Stander CarCaddie
Pros Cons
Quick Installation Weight limit up to 250 lbs.
Adjustable and adaptable to any car or user height Gets in the way while driving if not removed


  • Category: Swivel Seat Cushion


4.  Drive Medical Padded Swivel Seat Cushion

The Drive Medical Padded Swivel Seat Cushion allows an individual to turn up to 360 degrees enabling them to get on or off a seat, chair, or car easily and comfortably [6]. In addition, the unit is lightweight at just 3.25 lbs. making it ideal for transportation and non-intrusive. This device provides a relieving twisting motion.  It reduces the friction forces that result from having to rotate the entire body out of your car seat. The Swivel seat is a intuitive and simple approach to mobility. Users report that the cover quality could be better quality. Additionally, the swivel mechanism may not work with all car seat types, particularly bucket seats.

Summary Pros and Cons for Drive Medical Padded Swivel Seat Cushion
Pros Cons
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Full 360-degree rotation
  • Capacity up to 300lbs
  • Lower quality construction
  • Thin surface fabric
  • Cannot be used for all seats


  • Category: Handle to get in-and-out of car

5.  Stander HandyBar

The HandyBar is another innovative tool by Stander which makes access into-and-out of a vehicle easy and extremely unobtrusive.  The handle latches to the door-latch/striker providing extra support during the transition from sitting to standing and vice-versa. The device has a non-slip grip and is easy to install.  It provides excellent leverage and can support up to 350 lbs all while being universal to any type of car or door [7]. The device provides great support while standing up and applying down pressure, while sitting.  Some users suggestion caution when pulling up on the unit it may cause it to disbar.  This is a natural tendency for some people when they sitting down. Some users reported that certain vehicle types although can be made to fit, are not optimal and the fit is not great to provide the required sturdiness.

Summary Pros and Cons for Stander HandyBar
Pros Cons
Universal Application Some car models don’t fit the universal application description
Strong grip & easy installation Can dislodge if pulled up
Supports up to 350 lbs.


6.  Able Life AutoCane–8200

The AutoCane is nearly identical in function to the HandyBar although supports only up to 300 lbs. The AutoCane comes with a 1-year warranty [8]. The device is very helpful with supporting weight as well as balance when entering and existing a vehicle. Although the company reports a 99% universal fit, some users have reported the hook not being sufficient and sliding out.

Summary Pros and Cons for Able Life AutoCan
Pros Cons
1-year warranty Supports up to 300 lbs.
Effective at supporting weight and balance for vehicular access Does not fit some door-latches/strikers in certain car models despite 99% universal fit claims


  • Category: Leg Lifter

7. Leg Lifter Strap by Drive

The leg lifter strap is a simple device for helping individuals lift their legs using a strap and loop system [9].  Additionally, the strap can easily be used for physical therapy especially after knee or hip surgery. This simple strap preforms the best of the products we have reviewed.

Summary Pros and Cons for Leg Lifter by Drive Medical
Pros Cons
Simple strap and ease of use Limited to only assisting with leg mobility
Effective for lifting legs into vehicle



In conclusion, there are many great solutions for those in need of assistance in getting into and getting out of their vehicle. From leg lifts to swivel cushions, each solution presents unique advantages and disadvantages. Some of these devices complement each other. Each option has limitations as presented in this article however identifying what issues you are experiencing can offer many well-qualified, tested, and helpful solutions in the products listed above.


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